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27 December
Florida, United States
Punk Core
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antiheros, antiseen, bass, beer, blades, blind, blondes, bls, blue eyes, body modification, bondage, boobs, boots, bound for glory, braces, casualties, ccs, cds, celtic cross, chs, coke, confederate, cradle of filth, curb smashing, curb stomping, daggers, dogpile, don't tread on me, drinks, dropkick murphys, drums, dvds, famous monsters, fighting, flip, food, friends, fuck you, fucking, fun, girls, grip tape, guitar, guns, hate, hockey, hookers, horror, ika, imfamous, independant, levi's, me, michale graves, midtown bootboys, milf, misfits, monster, movies, murder, music, north carolina, pantera, party, people, pircings, porn, punk, pussy, redheads, robert e lee, rock, romper stomper, runescape, school sucks, serial killers, sex, shortys, skateboard, skrewdriver, slaughter, slipknot, sluts, soldier of fortune, sorry, tattoos, tensor, the misfits, thors hammer, violence, wasted, weights, women, you, zero